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Progress Application Development and Consulting

GLA has been a Progress development shop since 1995. We have a staff of experienced Progress programmers and analysts available to take on your development project.

Our Progress experience includes:
  • Specific Progress product experience:
    • All GUI versions of Progress
    • Progress Development
      • 4GL Development System
      • ProVision
      • Application Debugger
    • Progress RDBMS (Personal, Workgroup, and Enterprise)
    • Progress DataServers
      • Microsoft SQL Server DataServers
      • ODBC DataServers
    • Progress Application Servers
      • AppServer (all forms)
      • Name Server Load Balancer
    • Progress Client Deployment
      • Client Networking
      • SQL-92 Client Access
  • Noteworthy Progress developments and experiences have included:
    • Development of large and complex applications such as billing and customer care for voice, video, and data providers
    • High transaction volume applications such as rating millions of call records daily
    • Complex development environments including:
      • Multiple clients
      • Varying release levels
      • Multiple applications
      • Multiple environments (i.e., production, training, testing)
    • SQL DataServer projects
      • Converting native Progress applications to run with a Microsoft SQL database
      • Performance tuning and optimization of both the application and database
    • Integration of Progress applications with other applications using:
      • Progress Proxy
      • Com support
      • Web services
      • APIs/XML
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