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The Conversion Specialists

Teledata converts your existing maps, drawings, and inside and outside plant records to an AM/FM/GIS system - making them easier to manage and more efficient to use. Your engineering staff can access map information from a stand-alone workstation or networked computer station.

We provide unrivaled accuracy and precision. We can customize your system to meet your present mapping standards and long-range objectives. We work with you to perform superior conversion services for your AM/FM/GIS system.

At Teledata, we can combine manual staking sheets, cable schematics, GPS acquisitions and commercial maps during the conversion process and create a single, highly practical facilities map database.

We provide a range of services, from single phase to complete system conversion, including:

  • Customer Specification Consultation/Customization
  • OSP Record Posting and Verification
  • Digital Mapping and/or DXF Translation
  • Creation of Attributes and Network Model
  • Cable Schematics
  • Job/Work Order Updates
  • Outside Plant Construction Drawings
  • GPS Integration
  • Inside Plant Panel Details
  • COE Floor Plans
  • Manhole Details
  • Continuing Property Record Trending
  • Permit Drawings
  • Land Base Creation
  • Key Maps

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